June 15, 2024

The 2nd Cuddington Scout Group is one of the largest and most active in Surrey. With over 180 members, a purpose built Headquarters and a great leader team who are all volunteers, it is part of the world’s largest youth organisation with over 31 million members.

Founded in 1943, 2nd Cuddington has been providing adventurous activities for the young people of Worcester Park for nearly 75 years.

Scouting is co-educational and 2nd Cuddington is an open Group, meaning it caters for all young people between 6 and 25 regardless of sex, background, education, ethnicity, religion or orientation. Whilst the core business is adventure and personal development, the aim is to help young people develop to their full potential and to promote their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development so they can take a constructive place in society.

2nd Cuddington is open almost every day of the year, not bad for a Group where everyone is a volunteer!

It also means that every penny the Group raises goes directly to providing the facilities and equipment to ensure that when a young person enters the Scout Headquarters they are entering a world of adventure and excitement.

Please find out more at the 2nd Cuddington Scout Group website